Learn transformation healing sessions from us it will help you to  embrace your extra ordinary LIFE.

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Magic Vibes community is your great platform to embrace your own Potentials and transform your life with smile to the optimum.

As you invest more for yourself

with Anvar Sam Magic Vibes you open your eyes to a world of miracles, possibilities, opportunities and unique gifts which is in you and awaiting you.

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Anvar Sam Magic Vibes To create a transformed community where people live in calmness, bliss and happiness.


Anvar Sam Magic Vibes committed to bring people together to motivate, inspire and empower each other to do things they never thought were possible.

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We live in a world of abundance with Miracles and perfectness. Human power is unlimited. As we have to focus to reach the real potential of human abilities to achieve the goals and dreams of your life. Anvar Sam Magic Vibes is mission-ed to create a togetherness of human energy to provide the required. The hands behind the scenes are having more than 10 years of experiences and certifications from well known platforms who have transformed the lives of many with their fragrance aura and powerful with guided and structured trainings.

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I had attend MAGIC MANIFESTATION VIBES  But, I would like to inform you that am very happy to join this batch again.. Let us make this beginning more beautiful by bowing our heads to thank God for a lovely classes and seek blessings for another great month…. I wish you all the luck to get our goals and be a winner like always…. All the best my dear magic friends & MMV group!!!

Dr Swapna Shamz

( Doctor in Naturopathy Medicines (BNYS)

Ordinary people believe in the POSSIBLE. Extraordinary people visualize NOT what is possible or probable But rather IMPOSSIBLE. Magic Manifestation vibes course changed my life. I am an extraordinary woman of 69yrs old today by setting goals to lead a balanced, healthy, successful and peaceful life for another 30 yrs. I wish Mr Anvar Sam and his team great Success

Lieutenant Colonel K J Leela

I attended the MMV course on February 2021, it is a systematic and result oriented course. I already manifested many of my goal including my Job with high salary. Smile Meditation and other Manifestation technics are very powerful. Thank you Anvar Sam and Synergy team for your effort.

Yahya Muhammed

( Branch Manager, BOSCO Group )

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